Do Zoom Improv Comedy Classes Work?

Honestly, I was skeptical too. After years of traveling the country teaching improv at festivals and conferences, I felt like doing them on Zoom for people I only knew through LinkedIn was going to be a step back for my career. I thought the idea of teaching an art form about being “in the moment” through a computer screen was kind of hopeless.

But I kept at it until I figured it out and now it’s time to push the go button in a big way. If you’ve been curious about improv and whether the life-changing rumors are true, I’d love to show you. Your communication skills will get a complete makeover, you’ll laugh a lot, and you’ll make some new friends (plus your LinkedIn will be lot more fun to look at). When’s the last time those things came in a package deal?

See what virtual improv classes are currently registering at the link.

While we’re here:

People take improv comedy classes for loads of different reasons – some may surprise you! This is a clip from a recent class I did for “Just Busters“, a female podcast editors group.

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