Just released: Improv for Confidence workshop

Chris Trew

I know that this workshop isn’t for everyone. Some people are just built in a way that the idea of learning confidence is foreign. But for a lot of you, the concept speaks volumes.

I’ve seen one improv comedy class flip the self-esteem script for so many. When I think about what we can accomplish when the whole theme is confidence, I get excited about the incoming transformations.

You could be a speaker — or speaker in training.

Maybe you just want to show your face on social media more often because you know it’ll lead to opportunities.

Perhaps you just want to be a more playful person.

If any of that hit home then you owe it to yourself to hit this link and see what the workshop is all about.

Hint: you’ll laugh a lot and learn a valuable skill.

We start in September and space is big-time limited.


Chris Trew is a nationally touring comedian who uses the art form to help others become more confidence, charismatic communicators.

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