“We Cannot Afford to be Humorless”

“We can’t afford to be humorless. We are in the midst of a mental health crisis” On a recent episode of the Hidden Brain podcast on NPR, author Jennifer Aaker (that’s her quote up there) dropped a galaxy of gems. She was on the show promoting her new book Humor, Seriously — now I’m hereContinue reading ““We Cannot Afford to be Humorless””

Just released: Improv for Confidence workshop

I know that this workshop isn’t for everyone. Some people are just built in a way that the idea of learning confidence is foreign. But for a lot of you, the concept speaks volumes. I’ve seen one improv comedy class flip the self-esteem script for so many. When I think about what we can accomplishContinue reading “Just released: Improv for Confidence workshop”

Chris Trew: The Encore Weekend for Virtual Speakers Success Summit is Here!

I spent a lot of time last week at the Virtual Speakers Success Summit — second best decision I made so far in 2021 (read to the end to hear my overall best decision lol). So many talented speakers all sharing what they know so that YOU can have a lucrative and satisfying speaking career too. IContinue reading “Chris Trew: The Encore Weekend for Virtual Speakers Success Summit is Here!”

What I Learned from Kurt Vonnegut and “Pity the Reader”

Find a subject you care about and which you in your heart feel others should care about. Aim for melody and relief to your reader. Have the guts to cut. Sound like yourself. Learning a new art can be invigorating, especially if you free yourself from criticism. (As someone who teaches improv comedy to peopleContinue reading “What I Learned from Kurt Vonnegut and “Pity the Reader””

Teaching Virtual Improv Classes for Podcast Editors Mastermind

Thanks to Podcast Editors Mastermind for having me on their show to talk about how improv classes can even be helpful for people who are typically “behind the scenes.” Here’s a clip from their blog about the show: When you’re talking with prospective clients about your editing and production services, what do those conversations feelContinue reading “Teaching Virtual Improv Classes for Podcast Editors Mastermind”

Do Improv Classes Make You More Confident?

Comedy is hard enough as it is. When you add in the element of making it up as you go, the difficulty factor increases. This is why, despite the hundreds of articles celebrating the benefits of learning improv, most people will never set foot in a class. But once you experience improv with a greatContinue reading “Do Improv Classes Make You More Confident?”

Do Zoom Improv Comedy Classes Work?

Honestly, I was skeptical too. After years of traveling the country teaching improv at festivals and conferences, I felt like doing them on Zoom for people I only knew through LinkedIn was going to be a step back for my career. I thought the idea of teaching an art form about being “in the moment”Continue reading “Do Zoom Improv Comedy Classes Work?”