Custom improv classes for your team is the leadership move that gives your people a secret weapon in stronger communication, faster problem solving, sharper creative ideation—and a heck of a roaring good time. 

“Our whole team had an absolute blast learning improv with Chris. We were laughing harder as a team than we have in a very long time. It was hands down one of the best team building activities we’ve done.”

— Maggie, Let’s Roam

A new kind of toolbox

Improv is a unique comedy artform. It’s also a philosophy and a set of simple rules for life that apply to the personal and professional realms equally. The effects are universal, and oftentimes magical. When your team applies techniques like yes, and and if this, then what, they magically discover a more open minded approach to work, conflict resolution, problem solving, increased creativity and idea generation. 

There’s nothing magic about building a better team when you give them the right tools—and it’s absolutely attainable with a custom designed improv workshop. 

“Chris is a master of his craft! My team started the session somewhat nervous and timid to participate but Chris was encouraging and inclusive.

By the end of the session, not only were they having fun but they learned valuable improv techniques that will help all of us communicate more effectively as a group.”

Angela (Full Sail University)


Science says when people laugh, their brains produce happy chemicals, which empower them to be more generous with their time and knowledge. They’re more likely to respond to controversy with an open mind for resolution and more likely to see a problem as a challenge to overcome than a sign to give up. 

Improv workshops bring clean, light comedy experiences that require zero planning, preparation, comedy knowledge, or even an inherent sense of humor. In these workshops, you’ll discover everyone has something funny to say. Everyone earns a blue ribbon, even the shy ones.

“We are now no longer a world-renowned record company but a burgeoning, 30-person Improv Troupe, coming soon to a middle school cafeteria near you… Chris is THAT GOOD.”

Katie, Third Man Records


Every improv workshop is a breeding ground for shared inside jokes that bring your team together. And with the genius eye of facilitator Chris Trew at your side, one of those inside quips will become your team’s new mantra. It might be as silly as “be the alligator,” because it’s always organic and truly unique to your team’s experience. But behind the silly is a powerful tool that encourages communication, togetherness and a shared mindset.

“Chris’ improv coaching helped my multinational company connect via Zoom in ways we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. We bridged the cultural, generational and geographical gaps between our team members for the first time! Everyone is equal when punchlines are on the line.

The improv skills are SO applicable and I find myself laughing about the jokes we made together in our monthly meetings. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to shake things up and learn with your team how to play and communicate better.”
Taylor, YMU Group