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Our workshops have been featured at 50+ major events since 2006 including SXSW, TribeCon, Social Media Day San Diego, Step Conference, Virtual Speakers Success Summit, and the Austin Film Festival.

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👉 “Our whole team had an absolute blast with Chris. We were laughing harder as a team than we have in a very long time. It all happened on a video call, but it was never awkward or technically difficult. Chris led the session seamlessly.

It was hands down one of the best team building activities we’ve done.” – Maggie, Let’s Roam (Denver, CO)

👉 “Chris’ improv coaching helped my multinational company connect via Zoom in ways we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. We bridged the cultural, generational and geographical gaps between our team members for the first time!

I highly recommend this for anyone looking to shake things up and learn with your team how to play and communicate better.” – Taylor, YMU Group

👉 “We are a large bureaucratic organization with global operations so Chris’ virtual improv exercises were the perfect addition to our course on design thinking.

Students loved it and the skills prepared them to create and present innovative ideas to our senior leaders.” – Jason (Designing Space conference)

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